Important Tips for Optimising your landing page to make sure you aren't wasting money on Ads (Trust me the algorithm knows)

Important Tips for Optimising your landing page to make sure you aren't wasting money on Ads (Trust me the algorithm knows)

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·Jan 13, 2023·

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Table of contents

  • Intro
  • Landing Page
  • Keywords
  • Lighthouse
  • Pixel
  • Bonus Tip


One of the hardest things to overcome in building and selling websites for clients in my opinion is, making sure the landing page is properly optimised for its designated purpose. You see if your landing page isn't properly optimised based on the ads you are running, the algorithm knows... and it doesn't like it! I'm going to give you some important tips to begin to overcome these ad optimisation issues. I'm only going to make short points and then it's your job to go and learn about the things I've mentioned, I'm only trying to make you aware of these things so you don't waste money on ads and let your clients down when they can't find their website on Google.

Landing Page

This one is more of a problem for the user than it is for the algorithm, but I would argue that makes it more important. I am going to start with this because although it may sound obvious this is where too many people go wrong and then they wonder why they are paying so much for ads that aren't even bringing them customers. You need to be sending your potential customers from your ad to a landing page that is designed and built to sell the exact thing you advertise in the ad. Too many people have a call to action on their ad which just sends the user to messenger, there is nothing worse than seeing a product you are interested in just to click it and be redirected to messenger when you don't even know what the product is yet... or being redirected to a Facebook page which is hard to navigate and only shows the most recent posts. Then you have to search the feed and photos for anything relevant to the product you liked... if you don't lose interest that is! That is why when we handle our client's marketing or if they ask us to build them a website, we always make sure to include a well-optimised landing page that converts.


Keywords aren't just a Google thing, it's generally really important with any online advertising, if you are using certain keywords in your ad copy and then those same words aren't showing up in the copy on your website/landing page it can ruin your ad optimisation and relevance score.


You need to run a page speed insights test on your website, get the list of issues and fix them. We have done this for clients and found that when these scores are higher, so is their conversion rate, along with their CPM being lower.


If you're running lead ads on Facebook you need to properly optimise your pixel to track conversions and traffic. With your Pixel properly set up the Facebook algorithm can learn what works and what doesn't and optimise your ad to your benefit. They have a handy no-code GUI for this so it's more simple than ever. This is also very beneficial because you can learn where your users are leaving your site, and if you can fix it you can lower your bounce rate significantly.

Bonus Tip

Just a bonus tip here... Make content on TikTok! You don't even need to pay for ads because Tiktok organic is doing so well right now. It's the perfect place to get organic traffic. My first video, I put it up, didn't share it or tell anyone and when I woke up it had over 50 likes and lots of views!

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