Want to sell websites? You need these other skills not just web development

Want to sell websites? You need these other skills not just web development


If you're a budding web developer and you're finally good enough at building websites that you think you're ready to start taking on clients and doing the job of your dreams I might have some bad news for you (unless you love learning then you may be happy about this). From my experience starting a Web Development business, there is a list of other skills you will need to actually provide your clients with the value they want.

In this article, I'm going to cover the 3 skills you will need to learn to run a web development business in 2023.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The first skill I am going to talk about here is Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO. Building a beautiful website for your client is all well and good but if people can not find that website when they do a Google search then what's the point really?

You should learn about long-tail and short-tail keywords, backlinks and copywriting and you should post updates and content on your website as often as possible. You should make sure all your meta tags in your HTML are on point and you should learn the importance of properly wording body copy and titles.


There's no way you can build websites independently if you have to rely on a designer every time you take on a project. So many good web developers have ugly websites, it's a shame when they are such talented programmers but unfortunately, the average person cant appreciate what's going on behind the scenes.

I would learn Figma if I was you because it's as good if not better than Adobe XD and it's free. It's very hard to pick up at first so maybe go on Dribbble and look at other Ui designs for inspriation and learn what good Ui design looks like.

Digital Marketing

Once you launch your business you're going to need to make sure people know that you exist. Digital Marketing is so important if your serious about running a web development business. You should learn Facebook ads and Google ads and from there if you want to branch out into other advertising platforms, you should. Video ads seem to work very well on Facebook and the Google ads part ties back into Search Engine Optimisation.


I hope this was helpful for anyone who wants to start a web development business because these skills are essential to being successful in this field.


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